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GSR Garage Bell Band

GBB performing at Oktobellfest 2021: “Bells in the Barn”

The GSR Garage Bell Band (GBB) started in the summer of 2020, when public health restrictions limited everyone to small, socially-distanced outdoor gatherings. But loving and needing to make music together, a few of us got together in GSR Music Director Joan Fossum's garage to ring for fun, and lo, GBB was born!

Since these humble beginnings, GBB has had the honor to provide music for local churches, to solo at the inaugural Oktobellfest (“Bells in the Barn”), and, in December 2021, to make its international debut, providing music for the International Hemingway Society’s virtual holiday party.

Our current members are Joan Fossum (director, bells, keyboard), Heidi Prior (bells, keyboard), Hilary Justice (bells, keyboard, bell tree), and Debbie Young (bells, vocals).

Our humble beginnings

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