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GSR Youth Music Program

GSR Music Director Joan Fossum brings a career's worth of experience in education and her lifelong love of handbells to GSR's youth music enrichment program, which we offer for students in grades 6-10.*   

The Experience

Students will learn:

  • Ringing Skills: How to ring handbells and handchimes safely and correctly

  • Music Knowledge: How to read the notes and how to know how to read all forms of music

  • Rhythm: How to know how fast or slow a note should be played (or a rest should be held)

  • Musical Roadmap: What do all those musical symbols mean?

  • Handbell Techniques and Notation: How to perform all the techniques specific to bells and chimes

Students will ring handbell choir music and also small ensemble-style ringing. At the end of the program, they will perform at a sharing event for friends and family.

Students should have a minimum of one year instrumental experience (a year of band or a year of piano).

*Our adult learning programs welcome 11th- and 12th-grade students.

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