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Heidi Prior

Treasurer & Events

Heidi is a 4th-generation professional musician -- which includes her paternal aunt, grandmother, grandfather and great-grandmother. Her great-grandmother was a published composer who successfully obtained White Chapel bells that had to be shipped across the Atlantic during WWII that Heidi now possesses. Heidi has been playing the organ since she was 8 and the piano since she was 18, and she fell in love with handbells at a GSR concert and auditioned right away! She is a founding member of GSR's GBB quartet. She holds a BA in Music Education from Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA; a BA in accounting from Baker College in Flint, MI; and an MBA (with honors) from SNHU. Originally from Massachusetts, she moved to Bedford, NH in 2003 with her partner Rob. Heidi is the Assistant Controller at Hudson RPM Distribution in Nashua, NH. She also works part-time for Get Down Tonight Entertainment in Salem, NH.  In her spare time, Heidi likes to paint, garden, run, hike, bike, and visit local restaurants and wineries.

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